How to Hide Dash Cam Wires for a Discreet Set Up

When purchasing a Nextbase Dash Cam the first question to ask might be – how do you hide the dash cam wires?  The dash cam itself needs power at all times in the vehicle, whether it be via the 12/24V power cable, or via the hardwiring fit to the vehicle's fuse box. This guide will provide effective information on how to install a dash cam, whilst also hiding the dash cam wires to ensure a discreet and neat setup.


The dash cam will come with the latest Click&GO PRO Mount which includes a self-adhesive mounting option for the windscreen. It is the driver's responsibility to make sure the in-car camera is positioned correctly on your windscreen, ensuring it doesn’t obscure your view of the road. The ‘live view’ option via Wi-Fi is also a handy tool to use when installing your dash cam, as it shows you where to position the mount for the optimum view. Further information on how to mount your dash cam effectively can be found here.


The easiest way to install a dash cam is via the supplied 12/24V cigarette lighter to give the dash cam its own power supply. You can route the cable around the windscreen and tuck it neatly under the roof lining. The cable provided is 4 metres in length, providing plenty of room to guide the cable around your windscreen and out of sight.  This option is available for all Nextbase dash cams and is the most simple solution.


If you are looking for a neater hardwire connection and want to hide all the dash cam wires then a hardwire connection is the best solution. This is done via a fuse box connection using the Nextbase Hardwire Kit. Nextbase has recently just launched a Professional Home Fitting service direct via the website, when purchased with a dash cam, to get your front and rear camera fitted by a trained engineer at a place of your choosing. The Rear Window Camera can also be fitted to the rearview mirror with the supplied 6.5m metre cable hidden under the roof lining and out of sight.

The dash cam will be connected to your fuse box, meaning no wires are on show and are hidden from view. Hardwire fitting can be done on a range of vehicles including cars, lorries, trucks, and vans. The hardwire kit ensures you always stay connected and won’t need to worry about knocking the cigarette lighter socket out of place, leaving your 12V power socket free for use with other devices. It is also highly recommended for use with the Intelligent Parking Mode feature, particularly when using a rear camera module.

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