Front and Rear Dash Cam

Rear Window Cam

Focusing on the road behind you the Nextbase Rear Window Camera will guard against tailgaters and rear impacts. Pair with your Dash Cam to create a front and rear Dash Cam.
Rear Window Camera

Rear View camera

Connects directly to your Dash Cam and records the rear view of your journey through your car.
Rear View Camera

Cabin View camera

Recording inside the vehicle is ideal to capture vehicles beside you, as well as passengers in the car. Now with our front and back Dash Cam, you will have a clear picture of your surroundings.

Cabin View Camera

Front and Rear Dash Cam FAQs

 Is a dual Dash Cam worth it?                        

Dual Dash Cams give you an extra view while driving. The main advantage is that you are protected from rear collisions as well as collisions from the front of your car. We provide these as an optional extra but would recommend a dual Dash Cam for those who are often on the road.

 What does dual Dash Cam mean?           
A "Dual Dash Cam" usually refers to a in car camera set-up having two cameras, one directed at the road ahead and one directed out the rear window of the car. At Nextbase, we call these rear view cameras "modules" or "rear view Dash Cams".
What is the best Dash Cam front and rear UK?                                                         
Nextbase provides three types of rear Dash Cams that act as an additional module to your core Dash Cam. Rear Window Cam - This module attaches to the rear window to give you a full view of what is behind you. Rear View Camera - Connects directly to your main Dash Cam to give you a view from the front of your car out of the rear window. Cabin View Camera - Attaches to your main Dash Cam and records the inside of your vehicle.