Many drivers are using a Dash Cam in France, so why aren’t you?

There has been a phenomenal growth of Dash Cam sales in recent times with the European market expected to grow another 18% by 2026. Dash Cams are sold on a worldwide scale, but it is important to note that the use of these can differ from country to country. Here, we look in more detail at the use of Dash Cams in France, any laws to be mindful of and how you can even get a discount on your insurance by using one.

Dash Cams in France

According to recent statistics in France, the amounts of drivers equipped with a Dash Cam is over 70,000, which has more than doubled from the numbers captured in 2020 here. Nextbase are classed as the leading Dash Cam company in France with over 50% of the market according the latest GFK statistics.

The use of a Dash Cam in France is legal with only a few conditions. Much like UK laws, or any for that matter of fact, the Dash Cam must be installed safely, and not obstruct the driver’s vision on the road (Article R412-6 of the Highway Code). With the latest Click&Go PRO mount patented design, with a low profile view, and smaller Dash Cam size, the current Nextbase range meets those obligations.

The Dash Cam is restricted to private use only, meaning recorded evidence must only be sent to the police and not straight to social media. This is a common theme in other neighbouring countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway. There is no special privacy law for Dash Cams, all devices such as smartphones, video recorders and cameras will all follow the same laws.


Using a Dash Cam has major benefits to drivers by acting as your driving guardian on the road. It acts as your independent witness, whilst protecting your No Claims Bonus and advocates your driving when faced with false or unfair liability claims. Nextbase have teamed up with leading French insurance provider Acommeassure. This offers a €100 saving on your insurance rate when using a Nextbase Dash Cam

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