32GB U3 Industrial Grade microSD Card


There are numerous differences between Nextbase industrial standard (U3) SD cards and conventional SD cards, and these are especially important when used in dashcams:

Firstly, U3 SD cards can withstand extreme temperatures (-20 to +45 degrees Celsius), which can occur in vehicles in winter or summer. SD cards without this standard can stop working at temperatures as low as 30 degrees Celsius.

SD cards in dashcams are also exposed to continuous (over)writing of data - in contrast to their use in cameras, for example.

Nextbase's microSDXC card is a U3 ultra-high-speed card that ensures video data is continuously written/overwritten with ease; allowing the dashcam to record the road ahead in full HD at 1440p or 4K quality. With the microSD to SD adapter included in the package, you can easily view the files on your laptop or PC.

With a capacity of 32 GB, the microSD card records for about 4 hours in HD quality (2 hours if you use a rear camera module) before the dashcam overwrites the oldest recordings again. This gives you enough capacity to record accidents and ensure you have the evidence you need.

The continuous read and write speeds of Nextbase U3 SD cards are also significantly higher than conventional versions according to industrial standards. When used in dashcams, a continuous write speed of at least 48 MB/s is necessary - especially for 4K recordings or with connected rear camera modules. However, most conventional SD cards without U3 standard only achieve a continuous write speed of 40 MB/s, which is too low for use in dashcams.

Unlike many other manufacturers, Nextbase provides a warranty claim for all Nextbase U3 SD cards for use in dashcams.

The U3 speed is a requirement for recordings in 4K and dashcams with mounted rear view camera modules.