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Reflection Free Lens

How it works in bright sunlight?

In bright sunlight, the filter will reduce glare and reduce bright contrast levels to help capture important number plate detail. The filter has a rotating bezel, so you can set up the reflection-free lens exactly how you need in your vehicle.

Always capture the very best video quality with the Nextbase Reflection-Free Polarising Filter.

When you are recording videos through the glass of a windscreen, you will often notice the reflections of heating vents and other parts of the car on some recordings. To reduce this effect, the Nextbase Polarising Filter is able to remove all windscreen reflection and just capture the events in front of you.

This Polarising Filter is included on the Nextbase 522GW model upwards and is an optional accessory for the rest of our Dash Cam range.

Dash Cams with Reflection free Lens  

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