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Introducing the world’s most advanced connected aftermarket Dash Cam hybrid solution that combines award-winning video monitoring capabilities with the very latest AI-powered sensing technology. It’s safety, security, and peace of mind like never before. Say hello to the worlds’ first Smart Dash Cam.


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The more eyes the better

With a 3 camera system, iQ captures front-view video up to 4K resolution, along with a 1440p HD cabin-view camera and a 1440p rear-view camera.
With Witness Mode, the cameras keep rolling. So any time you’re pulled over, you’ll have the footage showing what happened. All the video goes up to the cloud. Immediately.
The Driver Aware system uses an infrared system to detect drowsy driving or distracted driving. Get a signal to pull over and rest.
*Roadwatch AI is the world’s first Dash Cam that tracks the speeds and trajectories of vehicles around you as well as pedestrians, cyclists, and e-scooters. This helps you go back in time and see the evidence with Roadwatch AI helping you prove your side of the story. *Coming soon

Like a home security system.

For your car.

Check in any time

Using Live View in the iQ app, see what’s going on around your vehicle at any time. The app allows you to live stream as well as view your video history.
Smart Sense Parking captures the moments before the incident. iQ constantly scans the surrounding area of your vehicle. Receive real-time notifications and videos of suspicious activity around your car.
With Guardian Mode, set speed and location triggers and get an alert if your car breaks them, Simply tap into your feed from your smartphone and talk to whoever is driving, so you can prevent situations from escalating.

Raise your cars iQ

With Emergency SOS Response, iQ automatically notifies emergency services in the event of an accident. It sends GPS location and medical details from your profile to your first responders.
With 4K video, Ultra GPS, radar, G-Force, and what3words data, iQ shares what happened. Get everyone on the same page with the facts. iQ enables the most accurate accident reconstruction.
The dash cams cutting-edge and versatile design is the result of extensive global research and testing in over 200 vehicles to provide the optimum location for internal and external recording. The products contemporary design features no screen for a discreet and easy fitting behind the rear-view mirror.

Helping to make roads safer